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Hey Jaime! Tell us a little about yourself. :wave:
Hi, I’m Jaime! I’m a 21-year-old knitter and pattern designer from Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently at Uni studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Gender Studies. Aside from knitting, I have an unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift, Hamilton, and the show Survivor. I also really enjoy playing guitar and singing (mostly Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo). You can find me on Instagram (jaime_creates), and of course, here on Ribblr! @jaimecreates

When did you start crafting and how?
When I was overseas on a gap year program in 2018 after finishing school, I started to become a lot more aware of my fidgeting tendencies and inability to stay focused. I had always struggled with this during school, but in that environment I wasn’t able to really do anything about it. One of my friends on the program was crocheting a granny square blanket that she said she wanted to complete by the end of the year. I was amazed by what she was doing and was eager to learn. She taught me the basics and my first crochet project was a water bottle holder. I was so proud!

In true Jaime fashion, I couldn’t just like something - I had to become absolutely obsessed with it to the point that it would become my entire personality. It also helped me so much with what I now know is ADHD (I was diagnosed last year). It wasn’t long before I was finishing crochet bralettes in one day and making my own wall hangings and blankets. Once I returned home, I kept up the hobby and started my Instagram (back then it was called crochetbyjaime). Soon after, I decided I wanted to learn to knit so I could make cozy jumpers and scarves for Winter. I basically never looked back and became obsessed with knitting. Once the pandemic hit, I knew I was going to have more time for knitting so I started selling some of my pieces, mostly to family and friends. Around September 2020, when Melbourne was in the world’s toughest lockdown, I started taking Instagram more seriously and focused more on developing my own style and quickly started to experience some growth, and to be honest, the rest is history!

And how did you start designing?
At this point, I was coming up with so many different designs in my head that I figured it would benefit me to start writing them down. I knew pattern design was something I wanted to do but I had very little confidence in my abilities to produce a pattern that was worthy of someone’s purchase. It wasn’t until I threw myself into it that I realised how much I actually loved the process, and the feeling of seeing other knitters knitting my designs makes the more difficult aspects of the process SO worth it.

So you crochet AND Knit- do you have a favorite craft and if so - why?
Whilst crochet was my first love and I’ll always come back to it, knitting has my heart. I never used to wear my crochet pieces because they were never really practical, but I really do wear my knits all the time! Crochet is great for things like accessories, decor or blankets, but making wearable garments is my real passion so knitting just makes sense for me.

What was the longest project you worked on? :yarn:
Wow it’s hard to say! I made a granny square blanket while I was away which took me forever. Don’t even ask how I somehow managed to fit it in my suitcase. I also made a crochet blanket with velvet yarn at the start of COVID last year which covers my queen sized bed! One of my first knitting projects was a jumper that took me about a month to complete because I was really slow.

Which of your makes and designs are you most proud of?
It’s a tough one! I think the design I’m most proud of is this sun jumper that I will definitely be writing a pattern for soon! I also have to say my I’d Knit That Patchwork cardi is one of my most creative makes. I made mine ‘fairy garden’ themed and embroidered an actual fairy onto it (that alone took like 2 hours) and I was so proud of it!

That’s amazing!
What is your usual process of designing?

Once I come up with an idea, I will usually jump straight into knitting the sample, and take notes as I go. Some would probably say that’s unwise, but it’s much easier for me to write a pattern once I’ve already attempted a rough version of the design and can see what did and didn’t work. Once I’ve made a sample in my size, I then begin adapting it if necessary and size grading. It’s a lot of maths sometimes, but it’s so worth it as it ensures my patterns are accessible to all sizes.

What inspires you to create?
It sounds cheesy but I’m most inspired by colour. I love seeing all the different ways I can utilise colour to create a beautiful, unique piece with the simplest of designs and stitches.

Any favorite song, book or movie you would like to recommend?
I just saw the ‘In the Heights’ movie, and as a huge Hamilton fan, I absolutely loved it! Would highly recommend!

What is your favorite feature on Ribblr?
There are so many features I love on Ribblr! Although, as a designer, I have to say the journal feature is so so cool! To be able to see the progress of those who are making my designs - it is just the coolest thing!

Pay it forward - your shoutout to a fellow Ribblr :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Massive shoutout to Lydia (@wondercocreations) of WonderCo Creations and Charlie (@theknitedit) from The Knit Edit !! They are both so lovely, inspiring and friendly to me and produce the most incredible work!

Thank you for sharing Jaime! :purple_heart:

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Beautiful creations! And it’s so awesome that you found something that you both love and helps you stay calm and focused. Thanks for sharing- it is inspiring! :blush:


This is so amazing and inspiring! :blush:


I just love this pattern,was easy to follow and Jamie was a big help,when i got stuck,working on my second