Ribblr of the week: Say hi to Kendall! 🏅

Say hello to Kendall of I’d Knit That, our Ribblr of the week! :star_struck:

Hey Kendall! Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi! My name is Kendall Ross. I am a knitwear designer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the owner of I’d Knit That. I just graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in American history (I actually wrote my undergraduate thesis on knitting during World War I!). I love knitting and crocheting, and I am an avid TV watcher.

So when did you start crafting journey?
My grandma taught me how to crochet a chain when I was around 6 or 7. I picked up crochet through Youtube a couple years after that. When I was in middle school I really wanted to learn how to knit, and I tried to teach myself through Youtube like I had for crochet. I struggled so hard, and ultimately my mom took me to a class at a local yarn store here in Oklahoma City to take a class. I learned how to cast on and knit from the owner of the shop, and picked up everything else pretty easily. I actually ended up working at the local yarn store she owned when I got to high school, so the whole story is pretty full circle.

That’s such a lovely story! How did you start designing your own patterns?
I honestly never thought of myself as a designer, and I was really nervous to start sharing patterns at first. This may sound bad, but I was worried that selling my patterns would take away from people wanting to buy the knits I was making. I was also worried the patterns wouldn’t make sense to people or that I would be bad at it. The thing that pushed me to do it was that I really wanted to make my designs more accessible to other knitters or people who wanted to learn how to make sustainable clothes but who maybe couldn’t pay me hundreds of dollars to do it for them. I’m really glad I ultimately did decide to share my patterns with the world! I want everyone to be able to make their own clothes if that’s what they want.

What is your usual process of designing?
I am not the kind of person who is like- okay well I need to design something for summer so I guess I’ll make this. I usually am just making what I want to make, and if I decide I want to make a pattern for it I will. I rarely can motivate myself to do anything I don’t 100% want to do.

Do you have a favorite craft type?
Knitting will probably always be my favorite craft. On the most basic level, I’m more confident in my knitting. For me it also has a personal history and significance that I don’t think crochet holds. I have so many good memories of knitting in high school and in college that I just don’t have with other crafts (not that it’s necessarily a competition haha).

What have you been working on lately?
I finished knitting a beaded tank top inspired by old school friendship bracelets. I love making things that are very personal to me, but will resonate with a lot of people’s experience.

What inspires you to create and design?
I am very inspired by my own life/experience/history, my home, femininity, and bright colors. I think I have a little bit of imposter syndrome (not in the knitting or craft itself) but in seeing myself as an artist. So much of what I make is a reaction to how I’m feeling at the time, even if an outsider can’t necessarily pin down why. Most of it is just for me to know, but I guess that makes it artsier in a way! Still- I’m always happy that other people seem to like what I make though.

What was the longest project you ever worked on?
This (see below) project took me forever. Honestly, any project I have any hesitations on will take me longer than ones I fully believe in. I was not 100% on the colors for this pullover, and my friends and I would just kind of look at it and be like… does this work or not? And I think that insecurity kept me from working on it for months, but I ultimately ended up really loving it and being proud of it.

And the shortest one? (excluding frogging! :frog:)
Literally whenever I want to knock out a project and feel productive I will knit one of my crop tops. They take me like 5 hours max, and I just watch TV and blindly knit.

Any favorite song, book or movie you would like to recommend?
I’ve been listening to Saint Cloud (Waxahatchee’s album from last year) a lot recently. She also just released a cover of the song Fruits of my Labor that I probably listen to every single day.

I also just watched both seasons of The Circle on Netflix with my roommate, and we are so into it we may apply to be on it…

Can you share a funny story that happened to you recently? :grin:
Not to undercut myself as a designer, but I found out a few months ago when I started designing my Crochet Patchwork Cardigan that I had been double crocheting/half double crocheting wrong my entire life. LIke I looked at a stitch and I was like- now what is that weird bump. Turns out I had been wrapping the yarn the wrong way since I was a kid. I fixed it! Don’t worry! Definitely an ego check haha.

We want to know - what is your favorite feature on Ribblr?
I love how much Ribblr works to make the platform accessible to both designers and people purchasing patterns. I’m also a huge fan of the smart sizing!

Finally, pay it forward! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your shoutout to a fellow Ribblr:
Thanks to the knitting/crochet Instagram world- I feel so connected to so many people I’ve never met. I am truly so thankful for the friendship and support of Jaime Creates and Nathalie’s Knits. They’re both incredible designers, and I want everyone to knit every single one of their patterns.

Thank you for sharing Kendall! :purple_heart:

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Hi Kendall!!! I was the same way about selling patterns at first, but now that I do, I absolutely love it!! I like to see what others create with my designs. And I absolutely love your pullover (your longest project) I love the different colors and how it includes different stitches, genius!!

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Kendall, is your thesis online? If it is, please share the link.

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Nice to meet you Kendall! I love that your designs are so bright and colorful! :rainbow:

I can relate to this so much as a designer! It’s so scary to start making patterns as you always worry that other people are not going to understand it… but your motivation behind it is so amazing! Sustainability is so important especially today, with so much waste and damage being created by fast fashion brands…

Looking forward to see more of your colorful patterns! :heartpulse:

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