ribbuild suggestions/issues - find & replace / smart sizing

I am currently having 2 issues

  1. when in edit mode, you have to hover over the sizes box to see the size of the line you are on. This is far more cumbersome than being able to see what size each line is while simply scrolling through to check for consistency or being able to filter sizes like you can when not in edit mode.
  2. the “find and replace” tool only works on a single, contiguous line. So if I have an instruction broken into two lines for clarity, I have to “find” and “replace” each part of that line separately. It would be far more helpful to be able to find and replace the entire line box in one go.

Hi there! Happy to address :slight_smile:

  1. Through our testing we found that constantly showing all sizes, when in fact the feature isn’t always in use, creates a more cluttered environment for designers, particularly for patterns with lots of sizes. We’ll log your feedback of course, but it’s unlikely to change at least in the near future.

  2. Can you please share more? Currently the find & replace works so that you can easily replace a word or an entire sentence across your entire pattern.
    Alternatively, you can select lines, then press the find & replace button to make sure it applies only to your selected lines.

Hope that helps! :raised_hands:

  1. could it be an option, or have a filter? I am currently editing a round yoke pattern in 5 sizes and need to change a single count in 3 places on each line in each size. Each size differs in how the increases work. So I have to scroll through a total of 27 nearly identical instruction boxes with no clue as to what size I am on in order to know which increase/post increase I am on (and that is just the yokes) and have to keep hovering over the size box and keep counting up or down… If I were given the option to say…only show one set of instructions for a single size like I can when looking at a pattern not in edit mode, (using the smart sizing), this would be so much easier to locate specific problems in large patterns
  2. I understand that I can highlight the lines that I want to replace, I understand that I can copy and paste a single line I said both of those things in my question
    What I need to be able to do is copy and paste more than one line at a time to replace so that I can have:
    A) do this part of instruction
    then this part
    then repeat only this part

B) do this part of instruction
then this part
then repeat only this part

instead of
A)do this part of instruction, then this part, then repeat only this part
B)do this part of instruction, then this part, then repeat only this part

but the only answers I have ever gotten on any suggestion or issue I have tried to relate in the ribbuild program is a repeat of what I said I understood but was having a problem with, or I’m wrong it isn’t a problem at all.
I should not get so lost and frustrated that I would rather not publish a pattern than have to deal with the cumbersome process and have mu issues dismissed as non-issues that I am the only one that has ever or will ever have


We’re sorry you are frustrated, this is never our intention.

Ribbuild is constantly evolving, based on our designers’ feedback. The Find & Replace tool is a great example of it. Whilst we cannot guarantee suggestions will be implemented in future releases, we log all feedback we receive and review it internally.

  1. We would recommend adding a header or informational line, for example “Size small only” for each one of those parts. It’ll be easier for you to edit and for crafters not using smart sizing to view your pattern.
    By the way, as you edit a pattern and choose sizes, when you click plus to add a new it saves your size choices.

  2. Thanks for clarifying.
    Yes, Find and Replace only works by finding a match of a single line or word.


ok, what if there were just a highlight function? Like a little box similar to the find and replace box.
If I were alerted by a tester that there was an error in a line somewhere in the pattern. I could type in the wrong line and the pattern would highlight that line instead of trying to replace it. then I could scroll and look for the highlighted color instead of the constant scrolling back and forth. Making it highlight the line all over the way the current search and replace tool works would be nice also in case the word or line was repeated elsewhere.


Thanks! We’ll log your suggestion.
You might be able to achieve that now by using control +F on a PC.