Sad weight on my chest

Im so sorry that this is kinda late, but this honestly describes me really well…

Ive had alot of trouble making new friends since ive had 2 years of really bad and toxic frienships. And i feel like i have not been able to make new friends. But, im an extrovert and i need to be around people, so since i havent been able to make new friends i have had like a weight on my chest because of this. So what should i do? Keep in mind, i have one friend that is in 8th grade, and im in 7th, so she will be gone next year.


Hmmmm Im an introvert with severe social anxiety, I dont have much friends but im fine with that. It seems like you could maybe see if they are ckubs at your school that you enjoy. Like my friend is in a D and D club and made so many friends in that club. I am in my schools engineering club and I have people I donr consider friends but people I hang out with within that club. If that makes sense.