Safety warning for crochet steering wheel covers!

Hello guys! You may have seen patterns for steering wheel covers before, and while they may be cute, THEY POSE A HUGE SAFETY RISK IF YOU USE THEM WHILE DRIVING!
It is fine to crochet these covers for when you are not driving, but using these covers while driving can be dangerous as the crochet cover can slip around without actually moving the wheel.
I made this post since I saw some crochet steering wheel covers, and thought to remind you of it.
Again, it is fine to make these covers to use when not driving. The risk comes when you start driving
Stay safe! <3


this! the only way its safe is if you hot-glue it to your wheel, which will ruin the re-sell value of your car tremendously.


I think i heard somewhere if you crash insurance might not give you compensation because the cover might of caused the accident or something like that.