same weight yarn, different size ?? help 🥲

so, i’m going to be crocheting myself a bag. it’s all in single crochets with several colour changes involved as it’s a 🪿 goose 🪿 (and he’s got boots on too :pleading_face:) i am primarily using sweet snuggles lite (weight 6), but since parfait chunky (also weight 6) has far more colour options, i picked up a few skeins of those for his boots and beak. however, when i got it in the mail and compared it to my sweet snuggles lite…

???@#&$*??? IT’S SMALLER???

i genuinely did not know this was a thing. i thought all is well so long as the yarn is the same weight, even if it’s from a different brand. but the chenille on parfait chunky seems to be… shorter? the strand of yarn is overall thinner. (i hope the picture shows it well enough but if not please take my word for it lol) what i want to know is, first of all, can i even proceed with the project using the differently sized yarn? and second, when matching yarn from different brands, is there more i should be going off of than just the weight?


There is a difference between them, Parfait Chunky is slightly smaller.
But this shouldn’t cause a problem, especially if you loosen your tension when you use the Parfait Chunky!
As for matching yarn, idk. I just try to use the same brand throughout the project


Unfortunately brands say a weight when it’s clearly not the same as other weights, I’m not sure how they decide the weights but if you want to match yarns from different brands I use this site

It will tell you how much similar it is. When looking at different brands I would look at the gauge on the label, if it’s the same the hook and the same stitches and they show the same numbers they should be the same in weight, since you plan on using it for the boots and beak it should be fine, I would double the strands and see how much difference it is with the weight, if it’s too much then 1 strand should be fine, just compare as you go to see if you need to make more stitches/rows as needed to make it fit :smile:


Unfortunately, there are different sizes within the same brand also.


Yup! I just ignore that though lmao


Years ago I made 2 chess pieces for my grandson. A black and a white King. Unfortunately, they were drastically different sizes. :frowning: Burned me from doing more. Someday.


Ye, i have problem with yarn weight too, sometimes different brands have different thicknesses. Like why is that a thing : (
And with red heart its like they have no quality control, i can buy the same size and color, but if its a different batch, it will be a different size.

Im still stubborn and like red heart more tho lol, cus it dont split on me, and i likey the colors

My solution is using a thinner hook for the thick yarn. And a thicker hook for the thin yarn, so it ends up looking similar


At this point I consider yarn weight numbers to be a rough estimate of how yarn could compare size wise. I think the first time I noticed it was getting Lion Brand 24/7 cotton, listed as worsted but looks closer to a DK weight. Now I always make sure to check out yarnsub lol


What I do, when I’m not using the same brand for a plushie, I take one of the brands for the major color then do the soles of feet/hands/legs/ ears, body- whatever in the other brand. Can also work if a different dye lot.