San Diego Who-Con!

Tabling at a convention finally after a few years of not! Mostly been doing local markets in my parent’s neighborhood since my dad can normally get me a spot. This is nice though because I’m a massive Doctor Who fan!
A super sweet and lowkey convention in San Diego. So many fun people in the artists alley alone already! Can’t wait for the next two days, Saturday and Sunday!

Also Vincent and the Doctor is one of my all time favorite episodes, couldn’t help making some special sunflowers! What’s your favorite Doctor who episode if you watch the show?


I haven’t watched the show but once back in school during my art class they showed that exact episode lol :joy::laughing: I enjoyed it :grin: I love how the sunflowers came out and everything else as well! :smile:


why you gotta make me cry? As soon as I saw those sunflowers I’m bawling. That is one of my fave episodes too! The whole Riversong story is amazing. And did you ever see the episode where the moon was an egg? And it was going to hatch, and the whole dilemma was do we explode it now or let it hatch and see what happens? That one just stuck with me, since I love the moon so much.

Also, looking good and hope you sell a ton and have fun!


Oh, that sounds like so much fun!
Vincent and the Doctor is one of my favorites too :smiley: I stopped watching after Capaldi became the new doctor though.
Good luck with your market :smiling_face:


Omg im in san diago right now! I hope i can stop by and see your booth!


It’s literally one of the best episodes in my opinion!!! I really had too much fun with the sunflowers haha

Omg if you do mention Ribblr! I’ll give you a free bookmark :heart:

I stopped watching in the beginning of Capaldi too but then I ended up going back and watching his season with Bill as a companion and I absolutely ended up ADORING him
His last season made me love him so much it renewed my fire for the show

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I did see that on!!! That’s a good episode for sure!
Vincent and the Doctor always makes me sob haha

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Hmm, maybe I’ll give it another shot, then :slight_smile:

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I stopped somewhere in the Capaldi or maybe just skipped around. I watched a couple of the girl doctor episodes, but I wasn’t feeling it so I sadly gave up on Doctor Who. My fave doctor is nine cause he was so sassy but you dont see him whenever they do reruns. i think it has to do with who owned the episodes at that time.


I’m excited for the new season cause russel t Davis is back! I loved 13 only because I love Jodie as an actress but I agree the writing wasn’t strong and chibnall for sure wasn’t my favorite show runner
I do Love 12s last season though cause Capaldi captures that sassy way back, honestly I think before I just didn’t like Clara :joy:

Actually, ninth didn’t want to be part of the series; that’s why he refused being the doctor for more than one season–can’t remember why, but I read about it years ago :sweat_smile: Yeah, I honestly thought of starting to watch it again (I was on Capaldi’s second episode) when they dropped the news, and that made me go “nah” again. I mean, if they wanted to do something with the doctor, they really should just have made him ginger lol.

no, I meant back when I had regular BBC channel the ninth Doctors episodes were never where they started. It was really hard to watch it from his episodes. I thought I had read that it was because someone else held the rights to that season and when BBC got ahold of Doctor Who, they didn’t have the rights to the ninth doctor season and they didnt think the US people would like him, so they were like “meh”. Then when they finally did get it, the season was heavily edited.

Also I didnt like Clara for a LONG time. I still stand by the whole seasons with Riversong, Amy and Rory as being some of the BEST stories. I also loved Tenant and when Matt came along, it took me a while to warm up to him. I think it was The Christmas village episode where I was finally like, ya know what? I love him :slight_smile: