Saving or printing patterns

I would like to know if there will ever be an option to save the patterns we buy to our own computers, or to print them out? When I first started on here there were a couple patterns that had the option to print them, and it is now gone. I know that you want us to use your program because it can show you exactly what you are making, but it is not a good fit for everyone. I have bad eyesight, especially when it comes to my computer or phone, so I always print out every pattern that I am making. Plus I like to crochet when we go back and forth to my Drs appointments that are 2-3 hours away, and I loose the app, due to spots of no data available, or sometimes it just says not on wifi, cannot access. So, I have tried, and it is just not working. I know when you look up in the faqs if you can save or print, it says to message the designer and to get a copy from them. That is all great, but I messaged one designer over a 3 weeks ago, and still have not heard anything back. There are some patterns I would love to purchase, but until, I can save them or print them out, there is n use in me spending the money, it is like just throwing it away. Can you please rethink this issue, I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Thanks
Anjonette Pezan


Hi Anjonette,

First of all thanks for your message and your input - it is noted and much appreciated.

Designers can choose to include a printable version within their interactive patterns on Ribblr, although that is up to each designer. As you mentioned, we do recommend contacting the designer directly if this is something you require. The majority of designers are always happy to help so it’s disappointing to hear that you did not get a response, and we’d like to help you with that. Please message us with more information.

We are currently focused on providing user & eco friendly interactive patterns to provide the best crafting experience.

If you only wish to use traditional patterns we recommend purchasing directly from the designer’s website if they offer a traditional PDF pattern. This way you can get your desired product and support independent designers :slight_smile:

Finally, Ribblr offers a variety of accessibility tools that helps crafters follow patterns with ease compared to traditional patterns - that includes zooming on text & photos, dark mode, smart sizing and more. We are working to improve and develop more accessibility tools and it would be great to hear your feedback. If there are any tools/features you will benefit from please let us know.

Hope the information above is helpful. Thanks again Anjonette!

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The information is helpful to a point. I understand the ideas and tools you have. But for someone who gets migraines from sitting in front of a computer too long, it is hard to use the tools, even if they are here to help us. I have heard people say they refuse to use your platform. I am trying to make it work for me. I do go and use peoples blog sites regularly, if they have one, with their patterns. But some only put their free ones on here. The one I have been trying to get is the The Water Lilly lace top by The Snugglery. I believe I looked for it a couple weeks ago online, but I will look again. I do like ot about your site, but the one thing that would be helpfull the most, besides being able to save any patterns I purchase, so that I can print them. Is if we could access the patterns offline. If I could use them while traveling, in the car, then, I might consider purchasing. But since my phone is used for navigating and things like that to help my husband, since he needs his for work, I still have the issue of just needing it printed. Plus the migraines again, that come with trying to read on my phone. I am disabled and not able to get disability , due to a stupid loophole, that makes it impossible for a lot of people to get it. So I have to budget wisely. I only buy patterns I know I will make, and that I can print in order to use them. I have tried to use your program, to make a pattern, using my laptop, and it took me 3 times a long as it should have, because I had to take breaks from the reading, and to get it off my lap, because it was bothering my chronic pancreatitis. I do get what you are trying to do. But since most people on here do not have blogs yet, they are just learning, or most I have gotten patterns from so far, then you have to email, and hope they answer, when they already have a ton of email to go through. Or that it is not sent to spam. I do not mind trying to find somewhere else to purchase it from, then on here, but the free ones, i do not want to have to ay for, when they are free here and not found anywhere else. It’s just a catch 22. And comes down to, if I purchase it, it is mine to do with what I want. I should not have to jump through hoops, I do that enough with my medical issues and things. I come here to escape that. I want something easy for me, and the maker. Evey free pattern I had was available to print, and then there was an update and the option was gone. I do not know if the makers are not sure where or how to put the option back on, or if they have to ask you to do it for them, and therefore they decide to just leave it alone. I really want to like this community, and i do love everything about it, except, this, and not being able to change my own stuff or to delete a pattern without asking about it. I just want to be able to change and take care of my stuff on my own. But you are new, and i understand if it is an option that is coming in the future, then that is great. it is jut frustrating, when you are working to organize things, and you have to stop and ask, please can you help me. I am not being mean, just want to let you know some of the things I have heard from others, not just myself. People who love your site, but want the freedom to fix their own mistakes. Sorry, I have a tendency to ramble on when in pain, and I am still in a lot of pain, hoping it will ease up in a day or two.
Thanks for listening to me and for the help. It is appreciated. I do hope that you take what I had to say as constructive, and not as a bashing, because it is not meant that way at all. I do love this community, and want to stay here and use it. I just hope that it becomes more user friendly over time.
Thanks Anjonette Pezan


Thanks for the reply!
We work hard to improve and make sure Ribblr is a home for all crafters so we most definitely appreciate your feedback and take it onboard.

First of all - sorry to hear you are in pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery :rose:

Just to confirm, we haven’t changed the way patterns are uploaded to Ribblr. Designers have the freedom to decide whether they want to provide a printable PDF within their patterns. We actually provide designers with a PDF version of their interactive pattern so even those who are exclusively on Ribblr can still offer it if they choose to.

We are not ruling anything out, although it’s important to mention that we prioritize the further development and improvement of Ribblr ePatten, as we believe this is how we can advance and modernize the crafting industry, and provide the best crafting experience.

It’s certainly a difficult mission to perfectly accommodate everyone, however we are very much committed to our goal to make Ribblr a home for all crafters.

That is definitely part of our future plan!

We understand and aim to address all the issues you’ve mentioned, and we appreciate your patience as we grow.
We hope you will keep enjoying being a part of our community :purple_heart:


Count me in too. As one gets older, sometimes the eyesight is not as good will refrain buying until I can save on my computer and have access whenever I want


I would LOVE a print option also. While I appreciate Ribblr’s reasons I am struggling to use the pattern on my phone.


This is interesting! Thanks for posing this question. I joined Ribblr not long ago and fell in love with the fact that we didn’t HAVE to print patterns anymore but I completely understand your dilemma.

As a designer, I didn’t realise there was an option for me to offer a PDF version of the pattern as well. I will go back to my shop and check it out now. Part of the reason I joined Ribblr was to be part of a more inclusive community so thank you for raising this issue.


Thanks so much for commenting. I was wondering how some of the designers felt about it, or if they knew that they could make a pdf available or not. I went from old school, needing the written pattern all the time, to using ones online, but they are ones I can save to my computer and pull up while offline. Plus, my migraines and eyes have gotten so bad in the last year that sitting here staring at the screen is just not feasible anymore. I have some friends who will not sign up, or sign up and then no longer come back on here because they feel as strongly about it as I do, that is why I finally decided to make the post. No use waiting for someone else, when its something I really wanted to know. I would have loved to have this technology in my hands back 15 years ago, I would have ate it up, and used it all the time. But I just can’t anymore. So it is not me being set in my ways, it is a need, as I know it is with others in the same situation. Again thanks for responding as well :slight_smile: