Saying my last goodbye (poem)

Saying my last goodbye to a loved one,

Is a feeling that’s rather bittersweet,

The pain of the loss is great,

But the memories we shared will never be outdone,

The bond we shared cannot be broken,

Though I’m leaving,

they’re never gone from my soul,

Though I’m leaving,

our love will never die,

All that’s left to say is,

"I’ll miss you, goodbye.”

I don’t want to do it

But I had too

I got too attached again

Why did I?

Is it the feeling of security



Or perhaps your personality?

Either way I got too attached

I loved you, and don’t know where I’ll be in the next 24 hours

I miss the mix of empathy, dedication, and kindness you provide

I don’t want to say goodbye but I had too

Will I ever see you again?

I know I’m still in contact with you,

I’m thankful for that

But I don’t know if I will ever see you again

I hope I do

After leaving, I broke down

I was strong for too long

I cried to the point I couldn’t breathe

I was shaky

My anxiety was bad

Why am I like this?

Will I go back into a depressive episode like before?

This never happens often

I don’t want it too

I wish I could stay

But I can’t

And with that I have to say “goodbye”


“I cried to the point I couldn’t breath” the way I relate to this hurts :sob:


this was my Exact thought process when I lost my grandmother :sob:


NOOOOO :sob::sob::sob: my cat’s been missing for like a week and this breaks my heart because it’s exactly how it feels. she’s my everything :sob:


i hope you find her​:sob::sob:


thank you <33