Scared of yarn running out

hello again!! I feel like I’ve been really inactive lately but I’ll try and be here more often :blush:. Anyways this is so random but am I the only the gets scared of my yarn running out, I remember this time over the summer holidays I was crocheting a lil dungaree and I ran out of yarn and I didn’t want to change colour and my had sister crocheted a baby beanie using the exact same colour and I threatened to frog it so I could use the yarn, she didn’t let me tho :rofl: :sweat_smile: Anyways tell me all your experiences.

Happy crafting :relaxed:


This is why I over stock my yarn …


Haha me as well. There are times I find a great yarn and only buy one and kick myself later. This has happened twice now with bernat sparkles yarn ts my go too for unicorn horns, hoofs for my horse creatures and I’m now sad because I only got one :sweat:


sameeeee and then when you buy more than one you end up only using one…


No WAY are you the only one!!! I feel like that’s me every other project. . . So recently I just took all I had of a certain yarn (like three fist-size balls) and decided to avoid yarn chicken by just finding a one-row shawl pattern and making it till I ran out of yarn. Ended up with a pretty nice triangle scarf.

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Yes, me too. I learned quickly to
Buy 1 more skein than I think I need. That brings up another point.
Even in Ribblr, designers are NOT providing how many yards/meters needed to complete project and/or the yards/meters of each color.
It probably won’t change anytime soon but I’ve gotten to the point that if they can’t tell me, I won’t buy the pattern.


so my first plushie which i like just made, i used up the whole yarn ball :sweat_smile: and then unfortunately had to change color. so what i would recommend is check if like anyone you know has like the same yarn (you could just color change but not color change, hope that makes sense :joy:) or i would say just make sure you have a lot of yarn :joy:

but now i think i understand why yarn hoarding is a thing :joy: