Searching for ideas

Does anybody have any ideas or even a pattern (preferably free) so I can chear up my rollator? (Don’t know if it’s called the same in English as in dutch)
My original color is blue

This is a actual picture of mine


I use a rollator too, and yes, I call it that, or a walker. I haven’t done anything to cheer it up yet, I hope to when I find time.
I plan on crocheting a seat cover for mine, any c2c pattern would work, and maybe making some wind spinners to wrap around the bars - I have a free pattern for one.

Hope you find something nice


You could maybe look for chair covers for the sitting platform, and maybe crochet around the basket? Ik denk dat het heel leuk/prettig kan worden :slight_smile:
I was going to try writing this in Nederlands, maar ik ben nog niet goed genoeg :sweat_smile: Maar ik kan een paar zinnen probeer te schrijven :joy: Succes!


Maybe making a bird and having it sit or the basket or wizard of oz toto pattern?

Mosaic overlay designs on the basket?


I think a seat cover or perhaps a little blanket for the bottom of the basket could be nice :smile:


Je Nederlands is heel goed :blush:
I don’t have a basket on mine, just some kind of platform underneath. The idea for the sitting I like, even as the idea for the handles. Thanks.

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I’m sorry that wouldn’t work for mine.

I will change the picture to my rollator 'cause I don’t have a basket. So it will be easier to look for ideas

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I changed my picture, 'cause I don’t have a basket. It will be easier to search for ideas


Try crochet pillows!


Thanks for the idea, would sit much softer also. And I can attach them with a loop and buttons so I can change to the season. Great idea :smiley: thnx

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Most welcome!

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