Section for Needle Felting

It’s growing in popularity, but I’ve seen it mentioned here or there and I’m sure I’m not alone in interest. I’d love a section for needle felting, even if it’s just a chat or forum section. Not sure what can be done with patterns for needle felting, yet.


This would be great! I want to try needle felting after the rush of birthday & holiday makes this year! Found the CUTEST little kit for a felted baby bunny the other day :rabbit2:


That definitely sounds nice! How new sections are added depends on the activity of it so if you want to see a new craft type added, definitely participate and share about that craft type! :smile: in the meantime personal spaces are also an option to make it focused on needle felting could work :smile:


I do needle felting! It’s an awesome hobby, so much can be done with it. :heart:


We suggest start a topic to cover the craft and seeing the level of interest - we can take it from there!
Even if there’s not a huge interest, we’re happy to look into opening a personal space for it.