Seller tool suggestions

tl/dr: I suggest Ribblr add a tiered pro designation that gives sellers access to statistics to help increase follows and sales.

Hi Ribblr team and fellow Ribblrs,

In 2024 I plan to continue adding multiple original tiny designs to Ribblr every month. I’m also exploring options to further expand and monetize my crochet design business. I love crocheting and want to share the fun and tips I’ve learned in my decades of experience.

I would love to see tiered pro designations for designers/makers who reach a certain level of sales (not free downloads) and designs added to Ribblr. This recognition could give access to insightful reporting to help increase followers and sales for people like me who want to take their crochet business to the next level.

Ribblr’s existing tools for sellers are helpful but I find myself wondering what is working to increase my followers and sales? For example, are sales more likely from followers or from non-follower crocheters looking for a pattern for a specific item? Does a free pattern help draw in people who later buy patterns? Do crocheters tend to browse or are they using key search terms? How much do features on Ribblr’s front page impact sales/follows? What are the top pattern searches and overall trends (I do keep an eye on the Ribblr dashboard but would like to see some numbers)? What searches are unfulfilled, where the user couldn’t find the pattern they wanted on Ribblr? How do people find my shop? Does running a sale increase orders? I have many questions but it all boils down to what am I doing right to increase followers and sales and what else could I be doing?

As you can tell, I have a very analytical side and am taking my crochet business seriously. I sell finished makes locally, but that part of my business is of course limited by how many toys I can crochet! Pattern sales is where my crochet business has the most room for growth, but it is very time intensive and I want to spend my time where it will count, bringing desired designs that I enjoy making to other crocheters.

Thank you for reading my suggestions!



That’s a really cool idea, I also love to see the numbers for these types of things as well :smile:


That would be amazing!! Both of my public patterns are free (for followers) currently, but I’m in the development stage for several more that I plan to charge for. Data and numbers are so helpful!!

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