Selling at Farmers Markets

Hiii, I have recently been crocheting a ton and next week I will be applying and hopefully selling at my local farmers market. I kind of have no idea about certain things likes how to set my table up so it looks nice or what not. So, if any of you guys have any tips about selling at farmers markets or just selling in-person. Please let me know, I will take all the help I can get.


Communicate. But give them space to look. Eye contact. Ask about things they might like to see in the future. Have some small items for littles to look at / buy. With Covid, touching could be an issue, but a jar of sanitizer handy could help them / you feel more comfortable.


Having a price list is a good idea, or organizing based on price. I like using baskets to group things together by price and to make things look nice and organized.

Be sure to have a cash float for change. Many people may pay with card or etransfer, but many will also only have cash.

Be friendly! Say hi to people as they pass. Don’t be on your phone ignoring people as they go by. You may get some new followers, sales, or commissions afterwards if you’re friendly and hand out business cards.

Make friends with the vendor next to you. You never know what connections or tips they may have to share.


Excellent advice about the phone.