Selling at markets

Hey guys, I’ve been considering starting to sell at markets, I was wondering if any of you have experience with this and how you found it? Or even how to find a market to seek at in the first place? I’m in the UK so I don’t know how popular they are here, but they look really cool online


i sell at my local farmer’s market. You could look up your area and farmers markets online and see if they have any nearby? good luck!


I’m interested in more information, too. I liked that bit about farmer’s markets, so I guess I’d have to look into how to get a stall at one.

How about other types of markets? Any suggestions on what to look for?


I’m going to be a vendor at a big festival in my city on Sunday. I’m super excited haha.
But anyway, festivals, farmers markets, fairs, expos, etc. are great places to sell your items. and Facebook are great places to look!
(Festivalnet might just be American, I’m not sure)
Along with just searching vendor events near me.
Good luck with searching! And good luck to those who have markets lined up! :]