Selling makes: transactions get canceled automatically

On my Stripe account I get a lot of canceled transactions that are all from Ribblr and after looking closer into it I notices these are all makes I’m selling. The cancel reason says “automatic” and none of them go through. According to this I would have sold 16 makes but everytime I get a transaction for it it doesn’t seem to go through. It doesn’t show up in my Ribblr sales either.

So can anyone tell me why this is happening? Are those just transactions canceled from the buyer? Since it says “automatic” as a reason I find it weird. Most of my pattern sales transactions go through just fine.


Yes, cancelled means the buyer cancelled the transaction or otherwise didn’t complete the checkout. Unless you see a different reason such as card not accepted or error on your Stripe.


I don’t know if this will help you. But … I just clicked buy me on the rainbow ice cream cone. (5:11 pm cst.) I kinda just checked shipping and got back out. Just testing for you. Maybe you can see if that shows up.


@HookedByMarilyn your transaction shows up as incomplete @ribblr but all the other ones show up as canceled


Incomplete should become cancelled after a while. Stripe should indicate a full log as well so you can see if there was an error in the checkout process but as to what you’re describing it doesn’t sound like there was an issue.