Selling on ribblr

Im considering trying to sell on here but id like to know how often people buy on here and how long it usually takes. So if anyone has bought something of yours on ribblr please comment here :slight_smile:


So far, I find Ribblr to be populated by mostly crafters who make things themselves. I’m not seeing a lot of general buyers. I am curious if sellers with large followings on outside platforms who link buyers to their Ribblr shops from external locations are having better sales than those solely within Ribblr.

Personally, Ribblr’s pattern style is my favorite. I’ve been crocheting my whole life and I’m prone to making things myself, so if I was going to buy, it’d be a pattern I couldn’t easily replicate and it’d be on Ribblr. Whether that’s the norm here or not, I couldn’t say.


Agree with all this, Ribblr has my favorite pattern setup ever. :heart: I never want another pdf again.

The only indicator I see of things selling is the limited Thursday sales which seem to sell out each week so sales are happening, at what rate I dunno. But sales no matter where you go always will depend on how much you advertise yourself.