Selling patterns opinions

Hey yall!! This is my first ribblr post so I hope the images attach correctly. My names Hallie, nice to meet you guys! I’ve been crocheting since the beginning of March and feel pretty confident in my work!! I was wondering if any of you who have sold patterns on ribblr have any pros or cons with it. I’m thinking about adding some of my patterns and making a little extra money here!! Are there any set backs? (People trying to get refunds to get patterns for free, difficulties in transactions, are there any fees withing ribblr sales, etc.) If yall don’t recommend ribblr where else would be a good site for selling patterns? Here are some projects I’ve created using my own patterns :grin:


I can’t speak about the pros and cons since I have yet to make a shop but highly recommend going through the help center and reading any questions that pertain to your questions, or using keywords in the search in the help center to answer any questions you may have for example, fees, refunds Ribblr earn, SelFees, etc :smile: