send me a screenshot of you donating to Ukraine to get all my patterns for free

please delete if not allowed!

my heart has broken for ukraine, and I’ve been trying to work out the best way to help.

i was originally going to knit/crochet stuff to donate, but i saw the red cross advising against this.


on my insta (@poppyandtoto) dm me a screenshot of you donating to a charity actively helping Ukraine, and I’ll send you all my patterns for free (make sure to send me your ribblr username!)

i recommend a donation of £5, but anything will be fine!

the charities i recommend are:
Red cross
Save the children
Care International

thank you :blue_heart::yellow_heart:


What a great way to help out!! :slightly_smiling_face::ukraine:



just a question but why did the red cross say not to make stuff? Sounds fishy? Like shouldn’t we use our abilities to help others?


Here’s what the British Red Cross website says:

Is the British Red Cross collecting food, clothes, medical supplies and other essentials for Ukraine?

We are not currently accepting items such as clothes, food or medical supplies for the Ukraine. These kind offers are really appreciated, and we do understand that not everyone is in a position to give money right now, but we can only accept money for emergency appeals.

Items have to be sorted, cleaned, and transported, which slows down our response.

Why is the British Red Cross only accepting cash donations for Ukraine and not items?

We know that people up and down the UK have been incredibly generous. While some local charities have been able to get those donated items to border countries, there’s been such a huge response from right across Europe, it’s difficult to use all the things that have been donated, and get them to the right place.

Cash donations are by far the quickest, safest, and most direct way to help people and to support the work of the Red Cross in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

A cash donation means we can help with whatever is needed, source things locally, and transport items quickly. It also means volunteers can concentrate on the response, rather than sorting and transporting donations.

Other countries red crosses may be accepting donations, but the British one sadly isn’t. I totally understand where they’re are coming from. Hope this helps!




Well yes but i sell my ukraine bees and the pattern and donate the funds so it is different plus i am USA

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