Service dog help

Ok so i am not seeing my therapist until after i get back from lax camp and I really want to bring up service dogs again as my balance has gotten worse along withlight headedness, wobbly legs, chronic pain and brain fog. I really think i would benefit from one. How would I go about bringing it up? Ive brught it up in the past for anxiety but its gotten to be much more than just that. When I brought it up for anxiety she said wewould have to try meds first which I am scared of. Some tasks it would have are stable, pick up, bring, fromt block, back block, something for helping to stand. Im just afraid since I dont have a dignosis I wont be able to get one. Also @Alyphira since i saw you talk about your sd in the past :blush:


i think a service dog would be nice idk :blue_heart::blue_heart:


When bringing it up, Tell her that you really want to look in to the option of having a Service dog before diving into medication.


just blurt it out: “ hey, ive been having abc, do you think a service dog could help with that? and they could help by doing xyz”

hope it helps i personally never asked for stuff like that but with mental health this usually works


So, bringing it up can be difficult, and also a long, thought out, aruduous process.

One thing that i dont think gets considered quite enough is how much extra work, time (and most importantly) money a service dog is.

Youre essentially looking for an mathlete world champion of dogs.

A big thing to help with decision making, and bringing it up, is a pros and cons list. What things do you want your dog for, how will it mitigate disability, and what do you expect from the dog. They are seen as more of a medical device rather than a best friend (but they can easily be both!)

However, you do have to consider the downsides. Vet fees, training fees, dog purchasing or adoption fees, gear fees, food fees, upkeep/grooming maintenence, are iust some monetary things to consider. Do you have enough savings or ecpnomic support from those around you?

Another downside is time. Training a fully trained SD takes at minimum about a year and a half but is usually closer to 2 years before they are comfortable with their tasks and virtually perfect going out.

However, they arent dogs. Are you prepared for accidents in public? Are you prepared for unwanted barking or grumbling that may cause you to be asked to leave? Are you prepared if someone mishandles their own dog, or how they interact with you, that it could force your dog into an early retirment or to “fail” out of service training and be a better home companion?

I think taking time to answer all these questions, plus addressing the monetary concern, can help prove youve done gour research and know how it can help, and how it could hinder. For instance, each state has different SDiT (service dog in training) rules. In Ohio its easy, i can take Sprout anywhere a normal SD would be allowed for training but she has to maintain SD standards. She got spooked one time and piddled on the floor, i removed her from the situation after calming her and then went back to clean up despite having a panic attack. Unfortunately, SDs can exacerbate your conditions despite also being helpful (i.e. shes for panic but in this stage of training also causes me panic). Look at your states SDiT regulations as its mega important if you plan on owner training.

And in the end, be prepared to explain why owner training or organization training is better. Granted, organizations almost always require a diagnosis and a trial of meds to have been tried - and also tend to cost upwards of 20k usd out of pocket in the US.

Putting this all in a list of bullet points can help you decide if its right for you, plus help you put into words for whomever you need to talk to about it.

Sprout tax as we worked on getting her acclimated to booties for hot asphalt this summer and salted roads in the winter.


as long as youve talked to your parents about it, i would say just ask!


Say uve been doing a bunch of research and think a service dog would be the best fit for you and not just for anxiety bring up other stuff too. Good luck! <3


HE IS PRECIOUS!!! Also great points!