Share your testimony/story

Hello I am a Christian. I would love to share my story and hear yours.

Mine is kind a long since I am later in years.


Girl, mine is long too. But since you brought it up you should go first . :wink:


Sorry, it took me a while to get back on here.

I was born and raised in the Presbyterian Church. When I married my second husband, I joined the Catholic Church. In 2012 I left the church and went into Celtic paganism and witchcraft. I was in that until 2015 when I had an encounter with Jesus in my Living Room on October 28, 2015. I cried I repented and I reclaimed my life with Jesus. I started going back to church and my husband joined me and left the Catholic Church in 2016. I have learned how to love my life because Jesus loves me Faults and all, fast forward to March 2023. I started going to school to become the person that God called me to be. I am a marriage and restoration life coach and I attend Charis Bible college in Woodland Park Colorado online. I want to leave a legacy to the love that Jesus Christ can repair any at all loves and Marriages.

This is an abbreviated testimony of the last eight years.


I was raised in the church, but never really felt strong in my faith until we switched churches. When we switched, I realized that the orher church was very lukewarm, but that this new church was alive, like nothing i had felt before.
I made fast friends, and found myself seeking after God in a way i never had before.
Previously i had been struggling with sh/ua thoughts and came close one time, but ever since, I’ve been at peace.
I had a friend invite me to a bible camp, where my life really changed for the better, and i decided to get baptized.
Since then, I’ve been trying my hardest to live for Christ and make the right decisions,though it’s hard, God helps me through it.
God bless!