Shell border help

I trying to do I shell stich border on something and it’s my first time doing it but I’ve tried and redone it several times. I keep having these giant holes how do I fix it? At this point idk what I’m doing wrong. Send help please! Thank you in advance!


imagine your border as being made up of two rounds and not the final round. If your first round has chain spaces (like sc, ch1, skip a st, sc, ch1, skip a st) and you r second row has you work in that ch1 space, then the space under it where the skipped stitch is will show as a “hole”.
If you do not like the holes, then you either have to overlap the shells or work the shells in a foundation that does not have the skipped stitches (which will mean that you will skip stitches between the shells to avoid a ruffle)
you can look up different types of shell boarders online to see the difference in how they are constructed