Shipping trouble

when you package your products, what do you use for boxing and shipping? I’d like to start working on shipping my products out, but I don’t know whats a good way to ship them or what kind of boxes to use, so any recommendations of websites or anything that could help with this is greatly appreciated!!


I’ve heard pirate ship is great, but I haven’t used them…


I found this video that offered some really great advice! They talk about their cheapest way and go into where they got their boxes the price, etc. They mentioned the sites they used and even goes a little into international shipping as well!

Feel free to ask any other questions! :smile:


Smaller flat things all go folded in a bubble mailer. You can use a poly mailer for garments and larger things. Plushies, amigurumi and 3d items will need to be in a cardboard box. Just make sure it’s a solid box and won’t squish during transport. Wrap items individually before packaging them to ensure no dyes transfer especially if you’re using hand dyed products, and to avoid any possible contamination.


Also, wrap in plastic! I’ve received wet stuff before and had to return because they threw it on the porch and then later it rained.


I think one time part of my Hobbii order got wet and dirty cause they always open it at customs and it got rolled around in dirt :frowning:


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When i ship out it depends on the item size. Ive sent a plushie to the southern states from canada. I got a box and wrapped it in tissue paper taped and added a small thank-you note card. plus added some bubble wrap but you can also add popcorn filler or even crinkled paper to add extra protection if using a box. The other alternative is a poly mailer which i just use tissue paper to make it look nice. Ive shipped both ways from canada.