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I would love to have a dedicated blog for my shop.

There are some topics that directly relate to my offered patterns that really aren’t suitable for informational steps. For example, there are a number of tips that would be incredibly helpful to those just starting out with micro-crochet or lacework that have to do with prepping your hooks or yarn. While these tips could be added with informational steps at the beginning of a pattern, that’s more than a bit tedious when dealing with multiple patterns.

Potential benefits of shop specific blogs:

  • Shop blogs could increase site/app retention by eliminating the need search for information on other sites.

  • Shop blogs could increase sales by assuring customers that they have the information/skills to try a project that seems difficult.

  • Shop blogs could encourage customer/owner relationships that ultimately increase sales and inform pattern development.

  • Shop blogs offer a unique way to drive traffic to Ribbler from other forums (in response to questions, reddit threads, etc.)

  • Shop blogs hold potential for further monetization.

  • Shop blogs offer the potential to drive integrated Joann sales via product reviews.

I realize this would require quite a bit of development, so the creation of a dedicated conversation space for articles would be a suitable step in the right direction. I just feel that using the available topic spaces options may leave long-form articles/blog posts lost in the shuffle.


That’s an interesting idea! I love that you included potential benefits for this suggestion as well! :smile:


Thanks so much for sharing! We’ve logged your suggestion!

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