Shop name announcement!

Okay guys! The winner of my shop name poll is… drumroll please
Dodo’s Crochet Corner!
Aaah! I can’t wait to open my shop!

Here’s the link


omg thats so cuteee!!! i love it <3

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YAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYAY i cant wait to see the super secret pattern i totally dont know about >;)

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Hehe yeah >;)

Hmmm, it sounds like someone stole my idea grrr >:(
(Lol why am I like this(

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lol last year we had a business thing for school and we were the crochet corner…until we realized we didn’t have enough crochet stuff so we just became kawaii corner and raffled off crochet and sold other stuff.

(we had a claw machine yay)

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