Short story behind this love bird and onigiri

My grandpa had a lovebird named pico years ago that absolutely adored him. that bird did not like anyone except him. So I made him this and it took me forever because it was the first time I did color switching and the original pattern was not for a love bird so I had to plan out where the colors go. then he GAVE IT AWAY TO A THREE YEAR OLD. I was so mad because I made it for him and in most things I make I put in a hidden note that you can only access if you destroy it. Like a hidden gem lol. So it personalized and I’m so upset he gave it away without a second thought. and not only that but he gave away the onigiri :rice_ball: I made my grandma. She was also very upset with him. So I remade hers only and bigger!


Goodness gravy, I’d be upset too.


Oh dear! I’m so sorry, I would be very upset too if this happened to me :cry: