Should a pattern contain different Weight Yarns?

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I was wondering whether if when I make a pattern would it be a good idea to use different weight yarns for the same pattern, for example 6mm yarn for the body and 4mm yarn for the face features and legs etc. However I am aware that this would make it potentially difficult to find testers for it, any other things to mention or other ‘Fixes’

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I’ve seen it done. If done correctly, it’s super cute. I think the difficulty is when changing yarn type, the bigger/smaller hook and yarn might not fit comfortably into the previous type’s stitches.
But still, go for it if you got something in mind. We gotta explore our options!


if I sew the features that would make it easier right?

Thanks @Beck108

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If you want to, you can definitely do it, I’ve seen a lot of patterns have different weights and even different types of yarn to be used. I can definitely see the concern about testers and I believe it depends on your requirements if they must use that exact weight of yarn then that might be difficult since not every potential tester might have those exact yarn weights but this is true for every pattern being tested that requires a specific weight of yarn even if it is just one

If you allow different weights as long as the other weight matches like yours did there might be more chances to apply

For example if you have a weight 4 yarn and weight 3 yarn and a tester has a weight 5 yarn and a weight 4 yarn since the difference is about the same the pattern could still work to be tested if that makes sense

Depending on the weight you can also mention to double/triple/etc the strands of yarn as well to get a bigger weight if needed from potential testers in case they aren’t aware that’s an option as well

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I personally dont like using multiple weights, but ive seen several patterns do it. As long as its mentioned in the material section its fine.


@ArtsAndNaps , @Anion Thanks for that!


I’ve done projects with different weights of yarn. It was not difficult at all.

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