should i make a pattern for a mokke from tbhk?

i recently designed my own version of a mokke! they are little bunny-like creatures from toilet-bound hanako kun (which is a manga/anime) i’ve never made nor released a pattern before. how hard is it to create and sell a pattern, and would anyone even want to purchase it since its from a lesser known piece of media. (photos show what they look like in the manga and the one i designed, using buttons for eyes)



I don’t think creating would be hard here on Ribblr here at least. It’s easy to go to the help center whenever there’s any questions or confusion to help along with the community, definitely consider making the pattern if you want to if not just to at least get a better understanding of how everything works, as for selling I wouldn’t know on that aspect but I think being active in the community would help a little, I say give it a shot!


You did so well, it’s so cute


Ahhhhh it looks so good, I love tbhk. You should definitely try designing a pattern if you think that would be a good idea (-:

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