Should I make a pattern?

I’m new and I want to make a pattern. Does anyone have some tips on making one? If I do make one what kind of pattern should I make? I have made these worms before so I wonder if I could make a pattern with those too. Crochet :yarn: pattern-crochet #needideas

help lol there is string and tape on the ground in the pic so don’t mind that lol


good luck on the pattern writing, :slightly_smiling_face:I edited the tags for you and put them in the tag box so you’ll be able to reach the right audience for your topic.


Thank you I’m not good at tags yet


Those are cute! My suggestions are to make sure you have all the parts of a pattern including materials, gauge, abbreviations, special stitches, etc. Write it as though a complete newcomer to crochet will be making it. Then I highly suggest having it edited by a tech editor (hi, I’m a tech editor) and tested. Then you will have a solid, quality first pattern to build on! If you have any questions regarding what to include in a pattern, how to phrase something etc., feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to help.


Thank you!


That is so cute!


I don’t have any suggestions about the pattern writing part. However, I am in love with those worms, you should totally make that a pattern! I guess id just look around and see what patterns you don’t see a lot. then see what you can do with that. Make items that are probably not too hard, if you are beginning. stuff you like, that way its enjoyable. have fun! :slight_smile: