Small Little Fairy Poem

I saw that there’s a creative writing channel and I knew I had to throw in my own little poem for funsies. I hope you guys like it!

I have a little fairy
She’s fast asleep in my palm
Her dress is made of daisy petals
Her face is sweet and calm
I know she holds a secret,
One she is loath to keep;
She wants to tell the whole world
By kissing them on the cheek
But for now, she has to sleep.

I might write more, spinning that one up just now was fun! Stay tuned!


Cute! Welcome to ribblr + the creative writing channel!!


That’s so elegant! I absolutely love it! I’m actually planning on crocheting a fairy soon! Maybe I can make one with a slightly different dress that looks like daisy petals​:yellow_heart:


Awesome poem.

aww i love it! its so cute <3

love it!!