smart sizing glitch (and the color thing because I just remembered it)

I have checked several patterns and the smart-sizing feature is not functioning as intended right now.
instead of filtering by size selected or showing multi-colored options, it is just showing up as 1(2,3,4) in my patterns.
The lines tagged as a certain size only are still showing as such.

On side note, since I’m thinking about it…there also seems to be no rhyme or reason to getting the color coding to show up properly in the patterns it either works or it doesn’t and how I type it seems to not matter. I’m taking about when you use “colorA” or “switch to colorB” I seem to have no control over whether or not it shows up in it’s colored box when reading the pattern… I have tried capital letters, lower case letters, spaces, no spaces, creating it’s own line, and sometimes it will work in part of the pattern and not other parts even though it’s entered consistently throughout the pattern.


For the colors, you need to put a space between the word ‘color’ and the color name. So, if you named your color A try changing your text to ‘color A’. You should use the name of the color exactly as typed in the material section. For example, if you named your color MC, writing ‘switch to mc’ won’t work.

As for the smart sizing, please make sure you have the sizes written on the cover page and on the instruction section. They should be the same sizes throughout your pattern. For example, if you have on your cover page sizes 1 (2,3,4) you should keep this format throughout your instructions. If you drop a size, for example, writing 1 (2,3) then the smart sizing would not work for that instruction.
If you need specific help with a certain pattern, please send a private message with the name of the pattern.

For the smart sizing, these are patterns that showed up fine until today, now they are not. Published and in testing. I can go look again, but as of this morning I had checked 10 random patterns and none of them were showing up properly.

Again, with the color thing, as I stated earlier, I can have it written the same way through the entire pattern and it still will only work half the time.

till this morning, this pattern has the smart sizing working, now, even if I pick a size, this is how it looks and I have the front page so y you can see it shows on the front page. This is in testing, but I checked published and unpublished

Please note that you’re missing a number where it says skip (0,1,1,2,2). You should also have a number outside the parenthesis for size 1. The word ‘peak(s)’ also confuses the algorithm when it comes right after the previous parenthesis. Please change it to peaks without the parenthesis.

I did notice the one digit missing in one of the circles but didn’t think it should effect the rest of the pattern… so anything in parentheses will upset the smartsizing?

Also…the problem I am having with the color thing. If , for any reason, I need to add another yarn color to the materials list, I refuses to allow me to maintain sequence. I will have color A, color B, color F (for example)
If I try to change it to color C, it will generate a random letter sequence like “CBR” and I have to go back and change it. Those colors will never show in the color box properly. If I leave it a random letter, not only do I get confused, but I get complaints because I skipped letters.
What I was saying earlier is that I do use the name it says but let’s say it’s ColB in the material list and that color is red. It will show up as a red box only half the time and the other half the time just the words ColB without the color box even though it is typed exactly the same way as the rest of the pattern. I can change the name of the color, I can change the way it is typed I can give it it’s own line in the pattern, and it will still only show up half the time and it is one of the biggest complaints I get from my testers that the color changes don’t show up as colors for them.

Please send an example of the color issue you get in a private message to our support team.
You can use parentheses in your pattern. This is an isolated situation.