Snuggles Jumbo from Michaels-Shedding Problems

Picked up a few of the Jumbo for ended up being 6.99 each. HOWEVER, i’m fully prepared to take it back if it continues to shed when recipient gets the plushie.
I know it sheds some during crocheting, but what about later?


I haven’t used it yet!


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I’m actually releasing an interview this week on the yarn and its not good. I’ve had nothing but problems with it shedding. I understand it sheds when weaving the ends in, but the body is shedding too and I’m not even TOUCHING it. The plushie is just sitting there on my desk.

I honestly don’t feel comfy selling products made with it. Its shedding sitting on a shelf. Imagine a child snuggling it?

I have a clip about it on TikTok. Most are experiencing what I am with it, but others say its ok or only certain colors are ok. For instance, the pink didnt really shed, but the white and black is falling apart.


Thank you very much for your honest opinion! I’m taking it back. I’ve heard good things about the jumbo chenille from Hobbi. I’ll need to save up some money to buy enough to avoid shipping costs.


You’re welcome! I’ve had a couple of comments on my TikTok video about it saying to take a lint roller to the finished product and they haven’t had any shedding problems after, but I’m still not comfortable with it lol.

I was very disappointed because the yarn is beautiful, easy to work with, and makes adorable amigurumi, but I just can’t get past the shedding. I’d recommend using Bernat Blanket or Loops & Threads Chenille Home instead. The Chenille sheds while weaving the ends in, but I haven’t had it shed after that so I’d rather use it from now on.