soft cover book case.

i’ve been wanting to release a pattern that is a soft cover book case. i was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing something like that? and another question would be how much would you pay for something like this? thanks xxx!


I would purchase if it had something unique about it. Perhaps 1-2$, more if directions were given on how to adjust pattern for different size books.


I guess it wolud depend of the design of it and if it has a practical use. If I love the look of finished item so much that it makes me want to start right away, then I will pay to get it right away.


there is a small medium and large option all included in the one pattern, i friend of mine suggested that i release it. and i want to, but i’m scared the ribblr community won’t like it. And on top of that i have to find pattern testers for all sizes and that’s always a hassle. i just don’t know. i’ll think about it though.


You can release without testing and gauge interest by putting it up for free for a period of time to see how it does.
You have options. You can release pattern without multiple sizes, no one said all these ideas have to apply to your first pattern. Baby steps, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious.