Soft toys/ Teddys who makes things for them

Teddy’s bears I just wanted to share as I knit and crochet clothes for my Teddy bears. Elly, Bozo and Milly…
The photos from 《《《《Left to Right 》》》
Elly the elephant I crochet a bead stitch stitch no pattern just winged it.

Next is Bozo; i knitted a teddy bear cardy but toooo! Small so i crocheted around it to fit.
Last is Milky; I knitted a premature matinee Jacet before I was diagnosed with Raynalds Disease maybe 2009. I made other things like scarfs for kitty my Granddaughter’s soft toy cat which she is part of the family. Now I am 56 years young now and I love my Soft toys :teddy_bear: :gun: :heart_eyes: :heart:


I love dressing up the toys! Your softies look so cuddly.


So sweet! I made a doll shawl once. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I absolutely love your little accessories/clothes for your stuffies! :revolving_hearts: