Something I Realized:

Views from my Studio…
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Both the Boyz have asked me to “keep going” and not give up on the lil crochet business I started.

I’m still “going to work” every day.
It was super weird at first to have no yarn whatsoever…
nothing “tangible”,
and then it dawned on me:

(isn’t that cool??)

they didn’t get the laptop,
as Matt had wisely put that in the back of the Jeep.

I put the very last load of dirty clothes in the back of the Jeep.
It was the last thing out of the hotel room.
Turns out that was “smart” too.

(At the darkest part of this recent event, Matt said to me: "ya gotta be kidding…we lost everything but we STILL HAVE LAUNDRY?!!..I honestly had to laugh over that reality…who knew?!..)

I started to realize a few things as I was getting all the passwords changed for my gazillion “on line” accounts, and all of those accounts secured with 2-step authentication…

I still have all my digital files.
All my patterns.

In fact,
I still have quite a few patterns that need to be put together.

The film is there.
The records are there.
I just have to make the pattern and tutorial.

((Ha!!! They didn’t get any of this “stuff”!!! The laptop was in the Jeep!!!))

I could still “do something” for Wand Weaver daily,
until things turn around.

I can work with the digital files I have.
Double check the patterns I’ve written, and improve them with a few extra photos, or an additional chart where needed.
I can actually spend some time making videos with all the extra little goodies I have tucked away, but didn’t have time to get to.

I took an old photograph of an printed page (old days when things were actually “printed with ink” and published in a book) which had “10 Fiber Rules” listed…

And: I just played with digital images instead of yarn.
I have a Canva account which gives me access to loads of images (with full licensing for use!!!), and as I pay monthly for, it’d be smart to continue to use it as much as possible.
Just because I don’t have yarn to actually crochet, doesn’t mean there’s “nothing to do”.
I can use Canva and create some of the “Short” videos for my YouTube Channel.
A Win/Win to my way of thinking.


I’m still doing this thing.
I’m not quitting.
It’ll just take a wee bit to put things back together.

Matt brought me 2 skeins of black with a lovely metallic sparkle and a “J” hook in bamboo. I’m thinking of recreating this really cool black lace cardigan I used to have pre-theft. I found it at a Thrift store somewhere, so when I say: “recreate” I actually mean exactly that. From memory. It’ll be fun, I enjoy a creative challenge.

For now:
I present “10 Fiber Rules” I worked on yesterday.

Keep on Stitchin’


You mean they didn’t take the laundry!! Felt like I was remembering a conversation between my late husband and I- he’d always come up with those quips.




Stay strong and keep on going!