Sooo…I’m making a community crochet fursuit and I need your help!

Hello everyoneeeee! I am very excited to announce something very cool that we are going to be bringing to the ribblr community! I have partnered up with @CreshesxCritters and we have decided to put together a community crochet fursuit project! This project is being made possible by the help of my very talented friends @JUP1T3R and @anon74877402!

This idea originally came with a simple thought: is it possible to make a fully crocheted fur suit?

We know most fur suits are very expensive, so we thought about a way that we might be able to make a fursuit and do it in enough time to where the project isn’t strenuous and drawn out, plus we were hoping to eliminate the cost of of materials!

This idea seems all fine and dandy….but we need YOUR help to make this dream a reality!

I have listed below a google form that me and @CreshesxCritters have put together where you can apply. More information about the project and how it will function is listed in that google form!

Hurry! There are only 5 spots left on the A team, although there are infinite amounts of spots for the b team! I hope to see all of you soon, and happy crafting!

this project will be taken very seriously! People can be removed if they do not follow the rules and guidelines set in place on the google form

Honestly, I have no idea if this is going to take off how I want it to or not, I’m merely here to experiment! But I hope that we can be marked down as some of the first people to publish a written crochet fursuit pattern to the public!

(Ribblr this is not a self promotion, this is a collaborative effort from those in the community!)


wow this i cool i hope this is a success


I have not fonished mine yet​:sob::sob:


THA so nice, hope you guys enjoy that!

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I just sent an application I hope I’m a good candidate! So excited to see how this goes!