Spaces not showing in latest

It may just me, but I know I don’t have the knitting space muted and yet I just realized today that the knitting space topics aren’t showing in my latest or new tabs… I only noticed because I posted a topic last night in the knitting space and when I replied to it this morning, it didn’t bump up towards the top of the latest tab (I scrolled past at least a dozen topics, including some I was last to comment on before I commented on this one, and all didn’t see it). So I changed it to general (because really it isn’t knitting specific) then went into the knitting space and found a bunch of topics I’ve never seen over the last 2 weeks


That’s strange! We can see knitting topics in the latest. (main feed)

Was this always the case for you?

We can’t seem to reproduce right now so if more people can share that’d be useful.

For example we can see a topic called ‘Knitting advice’. Can you not see it?

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Now that I’ve replied to some, they are showing in my latest, but they didn’t show in the new or latest when they were created, or I would have replied to them before today :woman_shrugging:t3:
I had a feeling it was just going to be me, no worries

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Sounds like a caching issue! To confirm next time try to refresh your window. Pull from the top on iPhone or on the web click the refresh button.
This should refresh and fix if for you.

If that doesn’t fix it please let us know and we’ll assign someone from our tech team to help you out. :purple_heart:

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Unfortunately since I don’t know that I’m missing the topics, I don’t know when I’d need to refresh (although I do that quite often anyway)
No worries, thanks anyway

No worries. We’ll keep an eye out for that!

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