Starting a Crochet Business! Any advice?

Hello everyone! :blush:
I’m new here and already really love the community! I’m making this topic because I’d love some advice about starting a small crochet business.
My goals for my business are to sell my makes and design some patterns to sell as well.

I think I’ll start with free patterns in a shop here on Ribblr and after learning how to design them with Ribblr’s helpful tools, I’ll move on to some sort of e-commerce platform.

More than anything I’d love to hear from you all on whether you have a crochet (or crafting in general) business and any advice you might be willing to give.
If you’ve read to the end of my rant, thank you! I’m really excited to talk to fellow crafters about this.


Make sure you know your local/state laws, its way more than just starting.


Thank you! I’ve already done some reading on this but it’s a good reminder to make sure I’m in the ‘loop’ :wink: (forgive me for the horrible pun).


do not worry about a mess up it is ok just breathe


Start social media just for your crochet, apparently instagram is a must now (it was news to me). Im late to the game on this one :rofl: