Starting a crochet small business

I’m seriously considering starting a small crocheting business and I am looking for any advice and suggestions that you all have :slight_smile:




Copy pasted from another reply I made lol
Learn how to do taxes lol!:skull: Jk but I do really suck at taxes​:sob:
Learn your states laws, what licenses you need, etc.
Learn how to market yourself and your brand.
Digital marketing is so important now.
I know some amazing local businesses but they don’t know how to do digital marketing so they struggle severely.
Make a recognizable and unique logo and name. (Something catchy that makes people remember you)
Uhhh i don’t really know any other tips off the top of my head lol. Feel free to ask me any specific questions you have!


Make sure you have a good name! Look into markets around your area.


I would add, find a good CPA that has experience with the kind of business you wish to start.


Thank you all for your advice. I will definitely look into those things. Another question I have is about selling would it be best to start an Etsy shop or start selling somewhere else? @artnium73 @tygger428 @SaraHandmade @CrochetEm


I personally don’t have an online shop yet (gotta figure out shipping and taxes first​:sob:) but I have heard that having an Etsy + some other type of shop like your own website or Shopify etc., is a good idea?
I think that’s what I’m going to do when I get everything set up, but I’m not sure if it’s the best technique


Do it yeah


Etsy isnt worth it unless you sell alot, bc you have to pay to run your shop whether you sell stuff or not.

I’ve heard Etsy sellers complain about high fees, and fees being increased.

Most platforms resolve things in favor of the buyers too, including PayPal and probably Stripe as well

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I know that in most states, you don’t have to start paying taxes unless you have a certain amount of money. And it really depends. if you want an online store, use a website like instagram or facebook, you can market a lot on there. also, make it known to friends and family so you get your first orders and constructive criticism. Also if you start on Etsy, you have to market your stuff and your business like crazy because there are so many shops that sell what you sell. I would say if you are just starting, start with a page on instagram, facebook, or tiktok, and preferably start on all three and choose one to be your main domain. If you are on any social media, take reels of your business instead of make posts. They get around faster. Also, it’s okay if it’s not an instant success. Mine wasn’t. I’ve only had around 40 orders since June of '23. That’s when i started my business. If you need to ship orders, use usps and let your customers know about the cost of shipping, for me in my state it costs 10/11 bucks. Also, when you launch, introduce yourself, tell them where they can order and include pictures of your previous makes so they know how good you are and that way, you already have inventory in your shop. It takes while, so don’t get discouraged. Learn what you can and how you can grow your crochet business. And take your time. Don’t think just because you don’t have any orders that doesn’t mean you stop working on your shop. Make reels of yourself crocheting or your new plushies and keep persevering.
Always here to help,