Stash Busting Strategies

Does anyone else attempt a strategy with their stash?

I have started selecting patterns one size larger than my daughter’s current size and selecting the yarn to go with it. I’ve then taken a picture of them together and created a folder on my phone to help me select my next project. Time will tell if it works!

What strategies do you use?


My problem is not as much with my yarn (tho I do have yarn, but most of it is for specific things I have plans for) it’s more with my spinning fiber :joy::joy:. I’m sure my spinning fiber is SABLE (stash acquired beyond life expectancy!)


I suspect many of us are ‘guilty’ of SABLE! :joy::joy::joy:


I usually keep certain sections of my stash to one side for certain types of projects. I have yarns for testing out patterns, yarns for presents (not mentioning the big Dec date yet), and yarns that are just too pretty to consider making into anything and I just want to look and stroke them.


Yes oh my goodness :joy:

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