Stash, no buy 2022 and blogging

So I’m doing a few things this year, one of them is a “no buy” which includes rules around acquiring stash in my various hobbies. I have a post with all the infomation about said no buy over on my blog in this post HERE including my rules and reasoning behind it as well as some tips. But the rule regarding stash acquisitions is as follows, I have to complete 3 projects or one large project before I can purchase one project worth of supplies, and those supplies need to be bought with a project planned out. I am of course allowed to buy supplies for an active project if I’ve run out while working on it.

As I mentioned above, I’ve gotten back into blogging, I mostly talk about my various crafts, sustainability, pigeons, British Sign Language, writing and anything else that takes my fancy. I try to post every Monday at 6pm GMT.

But all of this brings me onto the topic of stash, in this case I’m only talking about my yarn stash, I plan on going into my other supplies at some point for other hobbies but for now my yarn is my main fixation. I go into detail into my storage system and what fibres go where. And of course I have a container full of WIPs and planned projects that are all bagged up and ready to go. And a fun thing that I haven’t posted on my blog yet, I’ve used up a few of the yarns since I took these photos. HERE’S THE LINK TO THE DETAILED POST. I hope y’all enjoy seeing all of the yarn I own and I hope and would love for y’all to give my blog a visit and maybe leave a comment over on it, it would mean a lot to me.


I should be doing this but I love buying random yarn that I don’t need :upside_down_face:


Ah but you see, by using the yarn you make more space for more and people think you’re amazing :wink:


And my husband thinks I have a lot​:sweat_smile:


Gorgeous! I am totally salivating over here!


Remember the intention of this post isn’t to be all “look at all the yarn I have” as if it’s a good thing. For some people having a large stash is good but not for me. It’s a privilege to have a large stash and I don’t like owning this much yarn as I have OCD with hoarding tendencies and it’s bordering on becoming a hoard.

At some point I need to do an updated photo of my stash, perhaps at the end of this month as it’ll be the end of the first quarter. I haven’t used anywhere near as much as I wanted to, but I’ve had two surgeries and a big change in medication this year, been without my compression gloves for a month (I need them to or else my hands hurt just tilting a drink to my lips) as well as personal things happening and my mental health failing. So I’ve not been able to do much crafting and that feels bad. But I still want to hold myself accountable for how much I’m using. My main goal is to figure out how to use up the acrylic since that’s the fibre I want to get rid of first as it’s bad for the environment.

I have used a bit but barely any. There’s no point in having a large stash if you don’t use a large amount frequently.


Oh goodness…
I would have so much fun in your stash!!
Mine is getting low…


Good luck
I did this last year and I felt so good to see projects finished and stash used. I still have not brought this year yet but I have started looking xx


Oh wow! I hope things go better for you! It is totally ok to not craft as much with all of that going on.


I’m hoping that once I’ve gotten through a chunk of my stash that I can be more intentional with my purchases. I already avoid acrylic, the only acrylic that I own is the stuff I’ve had for ages or what my carer found in her closet from when I was a child (she was going to knit me a school jumper but didn’t). I have bought some yarn this year but it’s been natural fibres and only after using a chunk of yarn (more than I bought) or finishing 3 projects.

Now that I’m more experienced with knitting and crochet (and now weaving), I know what fibres I prefer and what colours I’m more likely to use. And any yarn that I have bought this year has a project attached to it, no more impulse buying random yarns in random amounts because it looks pretty for me!


Thankfully my surgeries are almost healed up and I was finally able to order some new compression gloves (hopefully my hands haven’t magically changed size XD) which should be here this week.

In my update post I might even do a list of all my current wips and projects I’ve finished this year in all my crafts (knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, quilting, cross stitch)


Ooh! That would be a fun post!