Stashbusting Pattern Suggestions

I’m finally attempting to use up some of my extensive stash of yarn at the moment… so speak to me people! Do you have a pattern which is good for using up smaller amounts of yarn? soemthing that works up easily? Maybe even you have a suggestion of how for me to use up all the acrylic yarn I never touch? If yes, lets chat and share those ideas here!


I love making scrapghans!
I had a lot of partial skeins when I first started as I was given “leftovers” and no money to buy large quantities
So I did 12" and 6" squares using multiple colors, then bordered each square in black, joined with white and bordered in black

Each square was relatively quick, so instant gratification there, then join when all done gives a nice big final project

Ignore the terrible pic with all the lumps (aka body pillows) underneath hehe


I got a book called Block By Block Crochet

I’m using it to make stuff using leftover colors and yarns, right now I’m loving the Isosceles Triangles.

Well worth the cost of saving all those scraps and half skeins etc.

Abe books is selling for $5.22 US dollars.

Oh Warning, it’s all in UK terminology. But, provide you with bookmark to make translation.


Usually when I have just a bit of a skein left I do two things with it. If it’s a color I use often for details, embellishments, embroidery, or pom-poms, it goes into a little basket I have that I use the yarn for that purpose only. However, if it’s a color I never really use or it’s a varigated yarn or something, I usually make them into granny squares. These granny squares go into a bag/container/box. I started out just making regular granny squares of a certain size but since then have started making various sizes and even various types of granny squares (good chance to try out new ones!) I’m saving up and when I have a good amount I’m going to make a little scrappy blanket for myself using granny squares made of bits of yarn that from the very beginning of my crochet journey to the time I make the blanket!

I always loved patchy looking quilts so I think it’s going to be really fun to have a crochet blanket with all different shapes and sizes and colors! I figure I’ll attach them all in a solid neutral color (white, black, grey, tan, etc) so that there is a bit of uniformity and then when it’s all finished I’ll put a nice border on it! I will say, however, I only do this with acrylic medium weight yarn. It gets iffy on how to care for a project best if you start mixing yarns and mixing weights just makes things difficult.

Even if you don’t want a blanket, having granny squares pre-made on hand is super great! If you want to whip up a last minute project but don’t have a lot of time just connect granny squares into a scarf or a purse or a baby blanket and throw on a border and bam! Homemade gift!

Hope you find something fun to do with your yarn!

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Animal shelters would love getting acrylic blankets. Only recommend acrylic or cotton, no animal fibers. I’ve done it before. They only ask that stitch is dense so that legs don’t go where they belong, and that items are washing machine compatible. Especially the elder animals need that softer bedding.