Stockinette stitch

I am fairly new into relearning knitting and have started a piece with 20 stitches and have no clue what to do with it. I would be open to any beginner friendly and easy to read patterns thanks


Scarves and dishcloths, wash cloths and face cloths are the easiest to make. Potholders too

But most would require more than a 20 stitch width. This would make a very skinny scarf.

Stockinette stitch is knit one row, purl the next, and repeat like this until the piece is the desired length. One side will be flat and smooth, the other side will be bumpy

Garter stitch is knit every row. Both sides will be bumpy


Definitely go through the filters here on Ribblr and click the Craft type knitting and the Level beginner to see some beginner friendly patterns, plus if you’re confused on a certain stitch if it’s available you can click the stitch if it has a blue line under it to watch how to perform it

It might be hard to incorporate the piece you’re doing so my best bet is to either frog it or save it somewhere for later :smile:


I miss counted I actually have 30 stitches

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The reason I suggest items made flat is to get you used to holding and moving the needles.

YouTube videos would probably help too

30 might be good for a scarf


I created #1 washcloth to be a great first knit pattern (it is 30 stitches across)


i recommend dish cloths as a first pattern. i made one before i immediately jumped into knitting socks lol

now im knitting scrubbies out of that sparkle scrubby red heart yarn