Story idea that was mostly a dream-

on a train or retreat or somerhing of the kind
you meet this girl who you have always liked in the hall for a moment and you learn that she’s next to you
you get into some kind of fight with your roomate and a guy comes to break it up, this is the girl’s boyfriend, who works as a security guard for this place.
he helps you with whatever was going on and you learnnhe means to propose
you are crushed
that night theres a form of party in the main area and you talk with her and she expresses how she wants him to propose
that week he does and they start planning their wedding, you are asked to help

i dont know what happens past that cause i woke up BUT
i know that you are crushed. you’re watching all this happen in slow motion and you have a girlfriend already, right? It isn’t like you were going to confess to this girl! But you see the kinda guy her boyfriend/fiancee is and you think he’s ok, but something is off. you don’t know if it’s your deep seated emotions for her or if its somethingn about him, but it bothers you.

apologies for typos, i literally wrote it upon waking up- the idea was good :sob:


Oooh!! I like it, but that’s bc I love all romance, lol


Ohh this one sounds good! Can i build on it and turn it into a real story? If so i will send it to you when i am done

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dude, go for it <3


Okay! It might take a few months cuz i am really busy rn but i will send it to you a soon as i can!

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