Succulent pattern testing

Would anyone be interested in testing a huge succulent crotchet pattern. I am still working on it but just let me know if your interested. I would need it finished by this month.


I would be interested! When you have a photo let me know!

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Do you have any photos or specs for the project? Like yarn and amount of time it takes?


I would be!

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I would be interested!

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I’m interested to be a pattern tester, so you have any pictures of the finished project?


I’m interested

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I’m also interested! But would love to see a photo, and how much yarn would need to be used?

I am still finishing the pattern but it should be ready to test by this week.

I could be interested!

I’d love to test the pattern

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I would be super interested in testing!

I’d be interested, let me know when you’re ready :grin:

I would be interested, but I’d like to see what it looks like. My daughter is obsessed with succulents rn, I’d love to make it for her!

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I would be very interested as i love succulents, but can you post a pic?

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I’m definitely interested, just in case you need another person. I’m a huge succulents grower and have made a couple in crochet before. I can’t wait to see what your pattern is like :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I would be interested in testing !

Sounds amazing! please send me a photo when you are done, I would love to test it! <3

@Ananyahbn please post a photo. Looks like you have alot of interest.

Id bw interested