Suggestion for ribblr

Hi Ribblr! :wave:
I suggest you make an option that we can have sentences/messages in full caps on the community page, because alot of times, people want to type all caps but can’t. :+1:
So yeah! Thats my suggestion! Please at least consider this, I always have to write in lower case after I write a sentence with full caps!


i would like this! the reason they dont allow this is to help prevent spam or malwear :] but, theres two solutions:

-if a word uses a capital i, just use a lowercase l
-physically type out an emoji after something (ex. : sparkles : to get :sparkles:

hope this helps :3


I usual just put (cs) means complete sentences


Another thing to remember is tone is extremely hard to identify through text. Capitalization can come off as OMG IM SO EXCITED and also as IM REALLY MAD RIGHT NOW AND EMPHASIZING IT. Having the sterotypical sentence and capitalization structure, from a language and social standpoint, also helps keep tones more neutral.

However, as said above, there are many ways to get your excitement across if you feel it is necessary!


yes! also you can write in all caps :wink:
if you wanted to write HIIII, make one of the I’s l, as in lowercase L


All caps are also disruptive for people with visual impairments

I personally skip past thread titles and posts typed in all caps