Suggestion For Testing Due Date

@Ribblr I think that there should be a notification 2 days before the deadline for testing! So like when you go to the “Manage Testing” button and you click “Message” I think there should be a slot where you put the due date! Because some people don’t put due dates! I also feel that if you do choose to add this that it should be mandatory because some designers don’t like to put due dates at all. I also think that if we add this that you should get an automatic message/reminder saying "Testing -Product- Due Date Coming Up) because some people just forget. Like I’ve had testers who forget to do it without an automatic reminder. It frustrates me that we as designers have to post a reply saying don’t forget (name of tester) that so and so is due whenever. So that’s my suggestion for you @Ribblr. What do you think?


Yes! That would be super helpful!


YES for sure!!


Yeah! I always put the due date in my initial group message, but I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t do that and I’ve been trying to look up their testing posts etc. :sweat_smile: it would be great if there was a feature for it.


@Ribblr maybe think about this please?


Yes! I 100%. I’m a tester and I hate having to scroll thru thryimg to find the original post or messages that have the due date so I can write it down :pensive: I’m currently doing that as we speak :joy: (thus how I found your post :laughing:) it would benefit both the testers and pattern maker


Thank you for your suggestion.
I’ve added it to the list of requested features to be considered.

In the meantime, you can use the message group to send a reminder to everyone.


thank you

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Definitely, because it always might give you a reminder and motivation to finish it before then

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