Suggestion for testing flow

When I’m in my manage testing section it would be so useful to be able to go to the group message directly from there I find myself having to back in and out if screens and back to the shop,back to the pattern to then go to the group message of the pattern testers I was just looking at. I’ve not been doing this long but that is already quite cumbersome, I can imagine much worse when you have lots. Many thanks!


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Just to clarify - as a designer, you say wish to jump quickly to your group messaging with your testers from your shop. Is that right?


From the tester page would be better is what I think they were saying


From my assignment page (where you approve and gift etc) to the group message that if you’ve previously sent one or to be able to create that group message straight from there, rather than having to go back to the pattern in the shop to do this. So for example two use cares this would be useful 1) I’ve just approved everyone, create a group message straight away from here. 2) testing is happening,someone has finished early so I go gift them the pattern,this ticks them off the list,but now I’d like to announce that in the group message. it encourages the others.


Thanks for sharing! great ideas that have been logged and will be considered.


Thanks so much.and thanks for splitting this out, didn’t mean to highjack the other post :see_no_evil:


I’ll add my agree to this


On the subject of tester workflow,may I make another suggestion? It’s as a tester or even for any pattern, would it be possible to more quickly access any chats/messages you have with the designer? Sometimes there’s some back and forth and currently you have to come all the way out from the ribblr pattern’s part and back into the community section then find where the chat is it’s not too bad if the chat is recent because then it’s in the list when you click your profile icon but if it’s fallen off that list it’s a bit more tricky than a one or two click thing . For example, in a recent chat,I needed to check the line numbers in the pattern, whilst giving feedbsck, went all the way through the menus to get to the pattern,then all the way back again. Thank you.sorry if I’m being annoying.i work in development :joy:


We understand. We currently don’t have a more elegant way of doing this - though crafters can easily message designers from within the pattern. For designers taking feedback and going back to the pattern is slightly more complex. We’ll get there!


Yes, I noticed that link but I was already in the middle of the chat with them and wasn’t sure if it would take me to the right place or start a new one.thank you for listening and being so receptive to feedback. I think your platform is awesome.


As a tester it does take you right there, as long as you followed the 3 simple testing steps. In which case we save the message thread the designer originally started with the testers so they can jump right in.

Thanks! Our pleasure. :purple_heart:


Ah in this case it was a bit strange,the designer didn’t do a tester call with the new features but put a photo and then just gifted those people who indicated they wanted to be testers. So it was in ‘my patterns’ rather than testing anyway. I don’t actually know if we would have received karma for this actually because it didn’t use the features or if karma is awarded on the act of gifting :thinking:


Unfortunately no. If they didn’t use the testing tool our system has no way to recognise this as a test.


Unfortunately, I’d have to agree: cumbersome to have to back through so many pages or have to “re-filter” the current sort you put your viewing in. Too bad it cant just remember…kinda hard to explain lol. So maybe example:

Lets say im in my wish list, I sort by low to high to make my free wishes come to the top
You click on the one you want, click “get it”, then the app takes you directly to my patterns, instead of back to the sorted wish list.
This is just one example of what I think @Madeformygirl is referring to? @Ribblr might help with this??