suggestions of where to purchase drops yarn

hello!! lately i’ve been wanting to experiment with different kinds of fibers of yarn, other than acrylic and cotton. drops seems right up my alley in terms of price and selection, however, its a little hard to come by on us-based retailers. i’ve seen it around on etsy marked up much higher, and woolwarehouse does have it at great prices, i’m just worried about shipping and stuff because it is uk based. does anybody have any suggestions of places they’ve bought drops yarn before? or any experiences with woolwarehouse shipping from out of the uk?


I’ve bought from wool warehouse several times. You have nothing to be concerned about. They are reliable, and your order arrives in a reasonable amount of time.


I only use wool warehouse in the UK but I love them. I got drops yarn from them and been loving it too. Made a bunch of little animals to donate to a sensory play place near me.

Drops paris is the one I’m using now and its very similar to yarn&colors epic.

Sorry I can’t help with the international postage but can vouch they’ve been great within the UK.