sunflower blanket

has anyone ever made a granny square sunflower blanket? if so i would love to see it or hear about it.
i (think??) i want to make one for my mom- the colors i chose aren’t perfect but i’ve already made all the magic rings (it’s a lot)
i’m trying to stay motivated and also hopeful about it- but i’m terrified that halfway through i will end up hating it or quit.
i’ve been crocheting a year and a half and i started out doing animals- but then my aunt wanted a blanket and i spent a looong time in it- doing the same stitch over and over, so i haven’t had a lot of skills to progress in.
i could use some inspo or advice!! <33


I’d rather make a bunch of squares than a long chain blanket. I can fool myself into just making 2-3 squares a day,


Yeah it can definitely be overwhelming, I made one last year I made the sunflower granny squares in parts, so first I made one full one then measured it and then measured the length I wanted to determine how many squares I would need (length x width) and then if I felt like it would be too short or long added or removed squares. After the first full one I started making them parts like I made the number of circles and then so forth that way it’s the same motion all the way through, I was able to do them while watching something with how many it needed lol :rofl: make sure to crochet with your tails when you change color! It’s much easier than having to weave in the tails at the end, technically you don’t need to sew the squares together just crochet them together as well, if you’re worried about motivation what kept me going was the fact that I already made all the parts I might as well finish it or else I won’t have space to store them :grin: jk (just a lil lol) I just made sure to take breaks from time to time to make sure I don’t burn myself out




Thank you!

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I did this one a few years ago. I thought I had a photo but can’t find it.
I really enjoyed the pattern
I crocheted them together which was fun
I did whole square at a time and all squares before adding together
It worked for me